Braden and Dallas are both amazing trainers. I used to follow Dallas on instagram and was inspired by her journey. She started posting about her Women’s Boot Camp classes and I knew I had to try it out! I was hooked from the first class!
I have been to multiple trainers at multiple gyms but none have been like Dallas and Braden. They both are genuine and caring. When I missed a couple classes they reached out to figure out why and make sure I was okay. When work got in the way Dallas made sure to let me know what other classes I could attend. Braden took the time to look at my eating habits and create a meal plan for me.
All the classes are welcoming and perfect for anyone at any skill level. Dallas always makes sure everyone knows how to perform the movement and if there are issues she will change it for you. Both Dallas and Braden are both great at watching your form and correcting it if necessary. The classes always kick my butt and I leave dripping in sweat.
Dallas and Braden truly take the time to care for everyone that steps in their gym. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Erin English

Braden takes great pride in making positive changes in people’s lives. His boot camp classes are best I have ever done, and I have tried quite of few gyms. Braden knows very well the level of each one of his clients and knowing that he pushes you just to that fine line of your limit. That way you can make constant gains in a smart manner based on your individual level. In the three months I have been training with him, I can definitely say he has helped me get in the best shape yet. Stoil Pamoukov

I am a physical therapist who trained with Braden at another gym for a couple years before he opened his own gym! I love his training style, and focus on proper body mechanics so you do not get hurt. He is a great trainer who will push you outside your comfort zone so you can get the results you desire. His workouts are great for any level of fitness as he always has a hard and easier option. Also, the people who go to this gym are amazing, we are like a little family who support each other! Beth Horn

Best and most intense work out by far! Everyone there is very encouraging and pushes you to help you meet your goal. Whether you have just started or have been working out for years, you will feel comfortable here. Classes are the perfect size and different every time.

Taylor H.